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How Do Social Media Algorithms Work?

How Do Social Media Algorithms Work?

Going by Statista report, social media usage is projected to reach a staggering figure of 3.43 billion by 2023, from 2.95 billion in 2019.

Social Media Algorithms

Such huge audience makes social media a perfect place to promote business through social media marketing. However, one thing that irritates marketers about social media is its algorithms, which keep on changing every moment and disturb social media ranking of ads and contents published by businesses.

What are social media algorithms?

Simply put, social media algorithms are programmatic ways of sorting/curating posts and other content in a social media users’ feed based on its relevancy to the user, not publish time.

So instead of randomly filling user’s feed with posts, social media algorithms give priority to user’s interests, preferences, and relays content accordingly, in conformity with user’s behavior.

Social Media Algorithms

See, for instance, how YouTube recommends videos! How it knows which videos you’ll be most interested to watch has to do with algorithms. By diving into users watch history, YouTube algorithms are able to predict user preferences, and in accordance with it, recommend videos.

How do social media algorithms exactly work?

A remarkable and disruptive function which social media algorithms perform is to offer end users relevant content. On the outset, it seems a very basic functionality but is it?

A complex and sophisticated technology such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science goes into helping algorithms, and they collectively lend smartness to these algorithms.

Drawing from an array of technologies, social media algorithms finally are capable to parse data and rank posts taking into account parameters that you and I, or any other marketer for that matter, can’t really comprehend.

But social media giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. aren’t always so tight-lipped on their algorithms and how they rank content! Sometimes they do spill some beans on what works to help content rank better.

Facebook after updating its algorithm recently asked users to prioritize a few points if they wanted to stay relevant or continue to rank higher. Few of these points are:

How marketers can utilize social media algorithms in their favor?

There are two ways to deal with social media algorithms: one is to consider it a hurdlesecond is to work through it and turn it in your favor.

The second way seems more practical and prudent approach than the first one. And it makes sense too because you can’t overlook algorithms. Any attempt to go past it will definitely make a business suffer.

Learning to work with it is a much better option and rewarding one too! By doing so, marketers are better equipped and positioned to optimize social media content, and render marketing campaigns more effective and efficient at grabbing top position in user’s feeds.

All a marketer has to do is create content that works fine with social media algorithms. That is possible only if as a marketer you understand what algorithms are all about, how to please them. Consequently, you can drive more traffic and boost ROI.

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